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Attention: TCD outreach materials are now avaliable:

(For more information about these materials please contact Jerome Grant at

A tri-fold pamphlet titled ‘Walnut Alert! Black Walnuts Are Dying’ is now available! You may request copies of this pamphlet or you may download the pdf document of the pamphlet and modify it to fit your local needs. Help spread the word and educate everyone about thousand cankers disease and its potential devastating impact to black walnuts in their native range.


A pocket-sized (ca. 3 in x 3.5 in) (printed front and back) ‘Thousand Cankers Disease and Walnut Twig Beetle Identification Guide’ is now available! You may request copies of this Guide or you may download the Word/pdf document and modify it to fit your local needs. This Guide is easily distributed and can aid in the identification of potential infected/infested black walnut trees by foresters, state and federal employees, and the general public.


A stand-alone, pop-up banner (7 feet tall) titled ‘Walnut Alert’ is now available! You may request one banner, which will be provided depending upon availability (supplies are limited). Also, you may request an electronic copy of the banner, so you can add your own logo, modify the text to fit your local needs, and print it for your individual needs.¬†You also can access a pdf of the banner here. These banners are easily displayed at industry meetings, county meetings, county and state fairs, in office buildings, in your building, etc. The banners provide a passive avenue for us to share information about thousand cankers disease with the general public, endusers, and others.

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